Token Team USA Basketball Braggadocio

Yeah, that’s right, I dropped “braggadocio.”

Braggadocio: empty bragging and or arrogant pretension according to Webster’s

I’m cocky in regards to both the Men’s and Women’s (for that matter) chances at the gold medal in London. The Women are trouncing teams by 40 and 50. Now it’s counting at the Olympic Games, so they are a straight lock from here on out for the betters out there. The Men’s team rolled to an easy win Sunday versus a Tony Parker, Ronny Turiaf-led Team France. They play Tunisia Tuesday evening. I’ll send you a 20 if you can name an NBA player on Team Tunisia.

The reason to be cocky and proliferate the American stereotype that we are conceited to no end is the talent and depth on Team USA’s roster. Here’s a scary thought: this team is minus an injured Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose. WOw…

Want some some scoring? We’ve got Kobe, Melo, Lebron, and Durant to choose from. Have a rebounding fetish? We can play Kevin Love, Tyson Chandler and Lebron down low with any two point guards and match up with anybody. Ever need some assists and leadership? Chris Paul and Deron Williams are at attention and ready to handle the crap out of the ball. Want a little sizzle off the bench? Look no further than OKC Thunder lightning rods James Harden and Westbrook, who teamed with Durant to win the Western Conference this year. Who can coach these guys? Coach K of the Duke Blue Devils. I’m sure you’ve heard that name before.

The objections have responses, and the questions have answers. Chris Paul took a look down the row of Team USA ballers in their introductory presser at the Olympics and muttered, “We’re not all going be off at the same time. Someone will be hot.” It really is just a numbers game for Team USA. As long a couple guys are feelin’ it on offense, the defense is just the team buying into a concerted effort. That’s really all they need to beat a Team Spain or Team Argentina in the gold medal game. Bulls GM Jerry Colangelo (pictured in suit, right) really put together a monster of a team. Now, it’s up to the guys on the floor to make Olympic gold repeating a reality.


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