Rory Vindicates with Second Major Triumph


So, I guess Rory only knows how to win majors in blowout fashion. Amidst speculation that his romance with Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki was a “distraction,” and with his focus to golf called into question, Rory McIlroy shut up all the critics Sunday. His 8 shot victory at the PGA Championship Sunday gave the 23-year-old his second major championship.

“It’s funny how things work out,” McIlroy said. “I felt from the start of the week that it could be special.”

Rory put on a ball-striking exhibition and dominated Kiawah Island over the weekend, shooting 67-66 under windy, far from ideal conditions. No bogeys on the scorecard Sunday. 8 for 8 scrambling around the greens in his final round. Capped off the victory with 2 out of 3 birdies to roll into the clubhouse. What pressure?

The way he puts the accelerator into 2nd and 3rd gear reminds us of the old Tiger Woods…a little bit. Now that Rory has two major triumphs at such an early point in his career, we let the Tiger comparisons flow in. By age 23, Woods did have a few more majors in his trophy room, so it’s hard to accurately measure how Rory’s career will unfold from here.

Since the Tiger era was thrown upon us, it’s hard for anyone to truly live up to expectations in the world of golf.  However, Rory has come closer than any other young star in the last decade. Luke Donald, Martin Kaymer, Lee Westwood all stepped up to the world number one plateau in the past couple of years. Seen any one of them win a big tournament recently? Not even with a pin point GPS…

Rory’s back at #1 again. He’s going to be here for a while. He’s young, so distractions are inevitable, mini-slumps are likely, and defeats in future majors are probable, but he has a game to last a looong time. His sultry smooth swing better not be played around with, and his blissful ignorance to the pressure-packed moments is refreshing. 

How many majors will he win? Who knows. How long will he stay at the top. No clue (those world rankings are confusing anyways). Is he fun to watch? Hell yes.


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