About Token Sports

Token Sports started in the winter of 2006 when Michael and Alex were Freshman at Quinnipiac University. Sitting in a room talking into microphones seemed like a worthwhile use of their time, and they continued The Token Sports Radio show for 3 and a half years, ending with their graduation in the spring of 2009.

After leaving Quinnipiac, Michael and Alex felt lost. They would speak to themselves and each other, but nothing was as exciting at spending time in a little room, hoping other people were listening. On August 20, 2009, Michael and Alex launched Token Sports on the web, and later that month began podcasting their sports nonsense to the internet community.

Several years later, Michael and Alex continue to share their lifestyle of joy and happiness from the great story-lines that emerge from across the athletic landscape, as well as their own opinions on its stupidity.

Useless insight.  Your welcome.


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