About the Authors

Michael Russell

Michael, a 2009 graduate of Quinnipiac University, has over five years of media production experience, including work with The Food Network, New England Sports Network, Automobiles De Luxe Television, and Destination ImagiNation, INC. After wanting to be a chef in high school, Michael quickly transitioned to media production after working in a local restaurant kitchen. At Quinnipiac, Michael joined Q30 Student Television, and during his senior year would become the Business Manager of the organization and Director of Sports Paws, a ‘Sports Center’-style show featuring Quinnipiac athletics.  Michael also started The Token Sports Radio Show with co-host Alex in the winter of 2006, and just could never seem to give it up, resulting in this blog.

Alex Lauzon

Alex is also an 09′ graduate at Quinnipiac who has worked and lived in Austin, Texas for the last 2 years. After graduating with a Broadcast Journalism degree, Alex worked for ESPN in the Statistics and Analysis Department, producing live stats for NFL, NHL, college football, and college basketball games to ESPN and ESPN.com. During that time in 2009, Alex and Mike transitioned Token Sports Radio from a college radio show to a website. Alex has been broadcasting since his days of calling high school football games, and continues his passion to write with Token Sports. He works in education for a public school while keeping the on-air dreams alive.


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